The Right Security for Every Event

Whether a one-time show, sporting event, or a multiple day festival, Premier Security Solutions offers a full spectrum of security personnel for event protection services. No matter the event or location, our security options can be tailored specifically for any venue. From a highly visible uniformed officer to covert and blended options, we can provide both armed and unarmed personnel for varying levels of protection for your event.


When we combine our highly-trained personnel with our state-of-the-art technology and surveillance capabilities, an industry-leading level of security is the result for our clients. Remote surveillance units deployed at your event, along with our ‘onĀ­-site’ command and dispatch center will create multiple levels of surveillance options.

These options have a full capability of partnering with local, state, or federal first responder assets. A product that not only records and stores information, but when used properly, will act as an incident intervention, prevention, and deterrent tool.


Visitor Screening

Many events require visitor screening to prevent prohibited or dangerous items from being brought into venues, however allowing safe and speedy access to your venue with minimal guest intrusion is a key component of overall guest satisfaction.

With our Garrett Walk-Through Systems, Premier Security Solutions offers technology and personnel tailored and trained specifically to allow a fast and effective screening option for your event.

Walk Through

State-of-the-art technology and design for maximum detection and minimal false alarms in high-security areas.

Hand Wands

Portable and easy to use device for detecting metal objects, contraband or weapons in high-security areas.


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